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RABIES VACCINE inactivated liquid for immunization of animals RABISTAR

Composition: 1 doze (1 ml) contains beta propiolaktonom inactivated rabies virus G 52 Wistar strain with potency not less than 2 IU and aluminum hydroxide as adjuvant.

Pharmaceutical form: suspension for injection of pale white color with grayish-white residue on the bottom, which is easily broken up at shaking.

Application: the vaccine is apply for prophylactic and forced vaccination of animals against rabies.

Immunological action: vaccine virus perceived by the body as a foreign agent and activates the immune system to produce virus neutralizing antibodies.

Species: carnivores, horses, ruminants, pigs.

Side effects: may cause anaphylactic (hypersensitive) reaction, in which needs to assign a symptomatic treatment. May form a small nodule from 2 to 3 cm at the injection site, which can occur within 10-15 days.

Contraindication: not vaccinate clinically sick animals.

Use during pregnancy and lactation: without restrictions.

Interaction with other medicinal products and other forms of interaction: do not mix with other vaccines or immunological product.

Administration route and dosage:

Scheme of preventive vaccination of animals


Minimal age for vaccination


Revaccination (after last application)



from vaccinated females

from 3 months


in a 12 months


every 24 months

from not vaccinated females

from 1 to 3 months

in a 12 months

every 24 months


from 6 months

in a 12 months

every 24 months


from vaccinated females

from 4 months

in a month after 1-st application

every 24 months


from not vaccinated females

from 2 months


more than 9 months

from 9 months

in a 12 months

every 24 months

less than 6 months

from vaccinated females

from 4 months

necessarily at the age of 9 to 12 months

every 24 months

from not vaccinated females

from 2 months

Scheme of forced vaccination of animals


First application

Second application

Third application

Fourth application

Carnivores, horses, ruminant, swine

Not later than 24-36 hours after possible infection

In a 12 hours after first application

In a 12 hours after second application

In a 14-16 days


for carnivores, horses, ruminant – is possible annual revaccination, depends on epizootic situation on the territory or legislation of the state.

Special precautions for use:

  • to vaccinate horses intramuscular only;
  • before application thoroughly shake the vaccine and bring it to the room temperature from +15 °С to +25 °С.

Special precautions to be taken by the person administratering the veterinary medicinal product to animals:

  • determination of the scheme of vaccination that is carried out only by veterinary medicine specialists;
  • staff that working with the product should follow the basic rules of hygiene and security that adopted with working of veterinary product.

Release form:

Vials and ampoules on 1,0 см3, 2,0 см3, 3,0 см3, 5,0 см3, 6,0 см3, 10,0 см3.


in place protected from light at temperature from 2 °С to 8 °С. Do not freeze.

Shelf life:

24 months. It is suitable for application after first opening for 20 days when following aseptic requirements and storage temperature from 2 °C to 8 °C.

Special precautions for the unused preparation:

unused product or outstanding product is neutralized by boiling for 30 minutes or autoclave at 120 ° C for 45-60 minutes.

Additional information:

  1. It is recommended to do antiparasitic treatment of animals not earlier than in 2 weeks before the vaccination.
  2. After vaccination to conduct serological blood tests for the presence of antibody titer not earlier than in 14 days.
  3. If the product not meet the requirements of the dossier or have any complications, the use of this series stopped and immediately notify State Scientific Control institute of biotechnology and strains of microorganisms (SSCIBSM) and supplier (The manufacturer). Simultaneously with the courier in SSCIBSM sent according to the "Guidelines on the procedure for filing complaints biological drugs that are intended for use in veterinary medicine" from 03.06.98 № 2 three unopened vials of this series at:

03151 Str. Donetsk 30 SSCIBSM

For veterinary use only!

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