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Description: ointment of dark brown color with a ichthyol smell.

Composition: the product contains active substance of Ichthyol.

Pharmacological properties: has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, keratoplastal and locally analgesic actions. When apply to wounds and mucous membranes, in addition to the antibacterial activity, narrows blood vessels, reduces secretion and extraction, has analgesic and accelerates regeneration of damaged tissue.

Application: treatment of animals with skin diseases (burns, wounds, eczema, dermatitis, furunculosis, pyoderma), arthritis, neuralgia, tendonitis, bursitis.

Application route and dosage: before applying the product the affected area thoroughly clean  of dirt, indifferencet bodies, exudate, necrotic material and applied externally as bandages, applications and tampons. After a thorough cleaning of wool, indifferencet objects, exudate, necrotic tissue or after hygienic treatment of the affected areas of the body by applying a uniform layer of ointment 1-2 times a day, to the disappearance of the disease. Number of ointments depends on the area affected part of the body, using an average of 5.10 g.

Contraindication: do not determine.

Caution: apply with caution in animals with hypersensitivity to ichthyol.

Release form: aluminum tuba or polymeric containers on 10 -1 000 g.

Storage: in a dry place at 5°C to 25°C.

Shelf life: 5 years.

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Dosage form:
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