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Description: transparent oily liquid with a specific smell of camphor.

Composition: the product contains an active substance camphor.

Pharmacological properties: the product has a stimulating, distract, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial (including coccoid form of bacteria) action. When applied to the skin irritates nerve endings that sense appears at first cold and then burning, reduced sensitivity and hyperemia (increased blood flow to the site of application).

Application: used as anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial agent in mastitis, phlegmon, thecitis, bursitis, arthritis, myositis, and inflammation of the skin and subcutaneous tissue in order to infiltrate resorption.

Application route and dosage: the product is applied externally after hygienic treatment of the affected area of the body, rubbing or applying using tampons and applications one or two times a day, 1-2 ml per 5 cm2 surface to the disappearance of the disease.

Contraindication: the product is incompatible with chloral hydrate, phenol, thymol, salol, menthol.

Caution: young animals are sensitive to camphor. Do not apply to animals before slaughter for meat. When treatment of mastitis do not use the milk for people's food.

Release form: glass bottles on 50, 100, 200 ml.

Storage: in dry darkened place at temperature from 5°С to 20°C.

Shelf life: 5 year.

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Dosage form:
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