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Description: a transparent colourless solution.

Composition: the product contains active substance of levomizol hydrochloride.

Pharmacological properties: the anti helminthic vetlevomizol is a product which  effectively operates both on larvae, and on adult nematodes, depresses formation of ATF and blocks synthesis of furamat reductase owing to what there comes destruction of parasites.

Application: for treatment of gastrointestinal and pulmonary nematodosis at , caused by nematodes as Haemonchus, Ostertagia, Trichostrongylus, Nematodirus, Bunostomum, Ascaris, Dictyocaulus; for treatment of gastrointestinaland pulmonary nematodosis at the swine caused by nematodes as Askaridis, Trichuris, Oesophagostomum, Metastrongylus; for treatment of nematodosis at animals eating meat, caused by nematodes as Toxocara, Toxokaris, Ancylostoma, Uncinaria.

Administration route and dosage:

  • to cattle: to enter once by 1 ml on 10 kg of live weight. Since 250 kg of live weight the maximum dose makes 25 ml irrespective of weight of animals. If the calculated dose exceeds 15 ml, it is divided and administered in several places;
  • small horned cattle: to enter once by 1 ml on 10 kg of live weight. Since 60 kg of live weight the maximum dose makes 6 ml irrespective of weight of animals;
  • swine: to enter once by 1 ml on 10 kg of live weight. Since 120 kg the maximum dose makes 12 ml irrespective of weight of animals.
  • dogs: to enter once by 1 ml on 10 kg of live weight.

Introduction: intramuscularly to cattle, swine, dogs. Subcutaneously to goats, sheep, cattle.

Contraindication: hypersensitivity to levomizol. Do not use to weak and sick animals (renal dysfunction and liver). Do not use to females in the last third of pregnancy, breeding bulls in the coupling period.

Caution: the slaughter and consumption of milk for people permitted in 7 days and 4 days accordingly after the last application of product. Received meat and milk to the mentioned period utilize or fed to unproductive animals, according to the veterinary's conclusion.

Overdose: an overdose sign can arise owing to introduction of the overestimated dose, which exaggerates recommended twice. They are shown in the form of the raised nervousness, salivation, muscular trembling, and arthrites. The clinical picture is shown in 30 minutes after introduction of the product and disappears without necessity of introduction of other medicine. However, symptomatic therapy, which depends on character of symptoms, which have arisen, can be spent.. Not to enter into one place more than 15 ml of the preparation. After an injection, to make massage at a place of introduction. At hypodermic introduction, to disinfect an introduction place.

Release form: glass bottles on 5-200 ml.

Storage: in a dry dark place at a temperature from 2°C to 25°C.

Shelf life: at observance of conditions of storage 2 years.

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Dosage form:
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