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In "Ukrvetprompostach" LLC implemented a comprehensive quality management system and certification according to the requirements of ISO 9001 - 2009.

Quality Management System - a component in the management of company that focuses on getting its products and services with quality indicators that would fully answered the expectations of customers. The components of the quality management system set requirements for the organization of processes and procedures to operate that the output products and services will be quality from the point of view of the consumer.

With the introduction of the company quality management system we have fulfilled a set of measures, not only on the testimony of the quality management system, but at the same time conditions for its effective operation. That created such production relations, based on the interest of our customers. This notion of "quality" is seen not only in relation to the finished product, but also in every technological cycle of production. Such direction of introduction allows us to obtain optimum efficiency and effectiveness of the quality management system of the company.

Component quality policy of the enterprise: introducing quality management system, the company has two main objectives:

  • fully meet the growing needs of customers perfect quality products and constant improvement of services
  • improve the economic efficiency of the enterprise through the introduction and improvement of measures to prevent irregularities and accounting of expected needs of customers by planning of new variants of veterinary preparations and application of advanced technologies.

"Ukrvetprompostach" LLC constantly working to improve human resource capacity, production, comparison and improvement of material - technical base, structure and control of service quality. These measures are regularly reviewed and adjusted according to the dynamics of production, certified National certification agency of Ukraine.

Worldwide the guarantee of quality of preparations is production at the enterprise, which is certified for compliance with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice). Requirements for the production of veterinary preparations established in Directive 91/412 / EEC (European Economic Community).

GMP - is part of the system of quality assurance which ensures that preparations are consistently produced and controlled in accordance with the quality standards that meet its purpose, and with the requirements of the registration dossier or specifications for these products.

In the first place, for the enterprise has always been quality veterinary preparations. Quality for veterinary preparations - a drug of preparation its specification, safety and effectiveness. GMP enables quality control at every stage of the production, maintenance process, the purity of industrial premises, work process equipment, ventilation and air quality, the system of training of basic raw materials and auxiliary materials, hygiene personnel; and ensure that veterinary preparation series is homogeneous in terms of quality and has the ability to be played back on a series to series. The quality assurance system in compliance with GMP provides an estimate of avoiding the risk of substandard products and control of all production, especially on critical points.

"Ukrvetprompostach" LLC is the first among domestic manufacturers of veterinary preparations, certified according to standards of good manufacturing practice (GMP) - the conformity certificate No 47/2015 / GMP.

We believe that the quality control of veterinary preparations in accordance with international standards guaranteeing our company a competitive advantage, both in Ukraine and also in foreign markets.

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