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In production management system "Ukrvetprompostach" LLC includes units which provide specialist production planning, logistics, quality control at all stages of the production process. The company has a system input, out functional and final product control. Also available clean rooms, which are an indicator of production technology and quality assurance.

Clean room - the room in which controlled counting concentration of aerosol particles, and which is constructed and used to minimize the receipt, generation and accumulation of particles inside the room, and in which, if necessary, controlled all other parameters, such as temperature, humidity, pressure.

In the pharmacy premises cleanliness is a factor that fulfill the fundamental provisions of GMP: "No final stage of the production process or quality control of the finished product can not be considered as the only means of ensuring sterility and other indicators of quality of the products. Quality lays by technology and organization of production, including cleanliness process fluids. " Clean environment and equipment - one of the critical requirements of GMP, for which serve clean rooms.

Products manufactured by "Ukrvetprompostach" meets the standards and technical documents, as well as all customer requirements. With its strong industrial base, a wide range of preperations and our customer focus, you are guaranteed to get the finished product, which meets the requirements and expectations of our customers.

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