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The company was established in 1990 and today is the largest and the most stable industrial and commercial company in providing full range of modern and effective biological and chemical - pharmaceutical and veterinary medicines and items for breeding and artificial insemination.


In production management system "Ukrvetprompostach" LLC includes units which provide specialist production planning, logistics, quality control at all stages of the production process. The company has a system input, out functional and final product control. Also available clean rooms, which are an indicator of production technology and quality assurance.

Clean room - the room in which controlled counting concentration of aerosol particles, and which is constructed and used to minimize the receipt, generation and accumulation of particles inside the room, and in which, if necessary, controlled all other parameters, such as temperature, humidity, pressure.


More than 20 years

"Ukrvetprompostach" LLC well known in the market of veterinary preparations over twenty years.

Reliable partner

During this time we have proved as reliable partner, manufacturer and distributor of veterinary preparations of the highest quality.

Today "Ukrvetprompostach" LLC

Today "Ukrvetprompostach" LLC is one of the most stable industrial and commercial establishments in supplying a full range of modern veterinary preparations for the diagnosis, prevention, treatment of diseases of animals and surgical instruments, items of breeding and artificial insemination.