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Description: a liquid of light grey colour.
Composition: the preparation contains operating substances: acid dairy, spirit polyvinyl, tincture of bitter wormwood.

Application: the preparation is applied to treatment of sharp forms tympanitis of a hem at cattle, acute meteorism of intestine at horses. To cattle the preparation is entered internally by means of a rubber bottle or directly in a hem cavity by esophageal probe. It is possible to enter the tympanal into a hem cavity by piercing of a belly wall by trocar or injective needle. To horses the preparation is entered through nasopharyngeal probe.
Doses: to cattle by  4-5 ml on 10 kg of weight of a body; to fine cattle by 5-10 ml on 10 kg of weight of a body; to horses by 4-5 ml on 10 kg of weight of a body.
Preliminary the preparation is diluted with water 1:10.
Contra-indication: no.
Caution: no.
Release form: bottles glass, bottles or polymeric container on 250 or 500 ml.
Storage: in a dark place.
Period of storage: 1 year.